A bride getting ready in an ideal space for some beautiful bridal photography.

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A bride getting ready in an ideal space for some beautiful bridal photography.

Some of the most beautiful bits of bridal photography come from, oddly enough, the dressing room. The space in which you prepare for the wedding can give us a lot of truly fantastic and special photos. Because of that, having a “picture-worthy” space to prepare comes with a few necessities, let us spell them out!

Many windows, or big ones:

Light is the key to beautiful photography, especially with weddings. Since white is usually a common color, having good light can change your dress from simple white to straight up shiny! Good light also gives us photographers what we need to be able to see your smiling face and all of the work your bridal party has put into your hair and makeup! Choose a space that has a lot of windows, so we have options for using the light. Or choose a space with big windows! That way a lot of light comes into the space. We like to be able to take a lot of photos from a lot of different angles, so having plenty of usable light is vital for that goal.

White or neutral walls:

The reason for this one is simple: neutral or white colored walls can give even a simple space a high-end feel. It can also make the space seem larger than it is, giving us more options for camera angles. Even if it’s just a side room off of the event space or wedding chapel, if it has neutral walls (and plenty of light) we can transform the space from side room to bridal suite!

Avoid clashing colors:

This one piggybacks off of the last one. Avoid rooms with colors and décor that may clash with your wedding style or colors. If your wedding theme is rustic you don’t want sea-blue walls with a conch shell and a ship in a bottle on the walls! Choosing a space with neutral/white colors and even neutral/simple decorations avoids this potential faux-pas entirely!

Maintain a clean area:

We get it, getting ready for your wedding is busy work! Sometimes things get a bit cluttered in the rush. But beautiful bridal photography starts with a clean space. Something to keep in mind: if the space we’re working with to take pictures isn’t already clean, we’re going to have to clean it before pictures can begin, and frankly we don’t want to have to do that because it takes away from time we could be taking pictures for you! To keep things clean before we arrive to begin the photos, be sure you keep all things neatly organized and in a designated space and be prepared to put things away after you’re through using them. Assign a couple of bridesmaids or someone else helping you get ready to keep the space clean and free of clutter so we can get the best possible pictures of you in your dress!

What to do with unideal space:

Sometimes you don’t have a choice and have to choose a space that’s not strictly ideal. We understand! If that’s the situation just be prepared to use a “non-traditional” space for mock photos if that’s what we think is necessary. All that means is that we’ll take you to a more ideal photo spot, take some staged pictures for the wedding album or slideshow, and then you can get back to your bridal suite!

Think about these things as you plan for your wedding day, and we’ll be there to help you get some beautiful bridal photography! And if you’re reading this and still don’t have your wedding photographer – just reach out to us!

Happy Planning!
Nicole & Ryan

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