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One of the things I often hear is “I’m not going to hire a wedding photographer, I’m just going to pay someone in my family to take pictures,” or “There’s going to be enough people in the ceremony with cameras, I’ll just get their photos. While these might appear to be good ideas and less of a stressor than going through the motions to find a photographer, they’re not. Here’s why:

A Wedding Photographer Keeps Stress Down

Professional photographers will often work with and around a wedding planner. This means that your photographer knows exactly where to be to get the best pictures. On the occasions where there isn’t a planner, the photographer will often create a timeline for the party! And this means that even without a planner with a strict plan, all those special moments will be captured!

Family Want to Enjoy the Occasion

Okay, this one is big! The people you know want to be there for you! They want to love on their friends and family and get to hang out with you on the most amazing day! They don’t want to be stuck behind the camera. Even if you’re paying them well, they’re not going to be able to enjoy the ceremony nearly as much as someone who doesn’t have a job to do that day. So, really, this is more about you protecting them! They should get to enjoy the day along with you, like you want them to!

Access to Professional Services

Another important part of photography is being able to get those amazing albums and prints! A wedding photographer will have access special deals and printing services that are reserved just for him/her. So, while yes, getting prints at your local drugstore may seem easier, the quality may not be quite right. The colors may be off, and countless other details. Wedding photographers, using their professional equipment can guarantee the quality in those oh-so-special photos

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