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Happy Tuesday Everyone! WOW… it’s been a long time since we’ve posted a Tuesday Tips Blog. Our world has been crazy busy, and something had to give to allow time for us to keep focused on what is important in our lives. Our family and relationship will always rank as the highest priority, so… we had to slack a little on the blogging side of our business.

However, we’re back in the saddle so to speak (as sang by one of Nicole’s favorite bands, Aerosmith). After having a couple of weddings under our belt already this wedding season, we soon realized again why we believe engagement sessions are important to your wedding day and the vital role they play.

Ideally, a wedding day will go off as planned, perfectly. We know better… in real life, things do not go as planned. It’s inevitable some part of the day will get behind or maybe an unforeseen situation arises… resulting in your day getting behind. When the day gets pushed back, typically, the first thing to suffer is your bride and groom portrait time.

Your portrait time can still result in a TON of amazing images and an engagement session will only help this! Here are our top reasons why having an engagement session will improve your wedding day:

  1. Practice: As you plan your wedding, you practice everything along the way from walking in your wedding dress to how the ceremony will unfold. Why should practicing your how to pose or look good in photos be any different? Doing an engagement session is the time to perfect your modeling skills or even just get comfortable in front of the camera. Majority of our couples have never really be in front of the camera they way they will be on their wedding day and their e-session is the ideal time to practice for your wedding day. Oh, and Hello amazing photos.
  2. Know What You’re Doing: There is something to be said about having confidence on your wedding day and knowing what to do! The entire idea and process of planning a wedding is foreign to most brides. Being prepared and having a game plan will lessen the stress you have on your actual wedding day. When it comes to taking photos, you will just know how to be a pro at posing or just being in front of the camera. Not to mention, knowing what to expect from your photographer for this part of your day will reduce a ton stress and even make your portrait time enjoyable!
  3. Right Choice: Choosing the right people to surround yourself with on your wedding are some of the most vital choices you can make. Having an engagement session not only offers you the ability to practice but to see how you mesh with your wedding photographer in action. We joke around with potential clients by saying “if you can’t stand us for an hour, you won’t want to be around us for 8” and there is definitely some truth to this statement. Your photographer will be spending more time with you on your wedding day than your future spouse. An engagement session allows you to take your photographers out for a test drive and confirm the choice you made. Or if by some fluke, you’ve made a grave mistake, it gives you time to find your perfect photographer.
  4. Prepared Photographers: Just as you reduce stress by knowing what to do, an engagement session helps reduce the stress of your photographers on the wedding day. It’s an opportunity for us to see how each couple interacts with each other and with us. Not to mention, we can determine what poses works best for a couple and how their personalities mesh well. Some weddings are a little more time crunched than others but having worked with the couple previously we are able to move at a fast-paced capturing portrait to match your personality and love for each other.


Among the traditional reason why you should choose an engagement session, we feel these reasons will add value to your engagement session. The session will improve your wedding day experience, thus resulting in stunning photos on your wedding day regardless of how the day unfolds. “Confidence comes from being prepared” by John Wooden and there is nothing more beautiful than a con􀁿dent bride and groom.

Happy Planning,

Nicole and Ryan

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