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Eleventh Hour Wedding Planning Cincinnati Wedding Coordinator
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Let’s face it, planning and prepping for a wedding takes time and a lot of energy. Wouldn’t it be nice to offload some of that work and stress onto someone trained to handle it? As seasoned wedding photographers, one of our biggest tips we give our couples is to hire a wedding coordinator because they take all the prep you did for your wedding and make your vision come to life! Here are a few reasons why we so strongly recommend this approach:

1. They keep the day on track

A well-trained wedding coordinator keeps track of all of the things you have planned for your wedding day. They help you stay on top of things like first look, reception prep, and helping keep the photographer on schedule. Not only that, but a good coordinator will be the first point of contact for vendors. They can also field questions from venue staff, and the wedding party. Just make sure you communicate with them so they know the plan. Having someone deal with the vendors for you can take a huge burden off of the two of you so that you can enjoy the day!

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2. They anticipate and prepare for problems

Good wedding coordinators have been around the block a few times. What that means is that they know about the problems that can rise up on a wedding day! A heartfelt message for couples: Let your wedding coordinator do the stressin’ for you! Seriously, you’ve got enough to worry about with the literal life-changing ceremony in front of you, let someone else deal with that last-minute change from the flower vendor! Wedding coordinators prepare ahead of time to deal with any issues that drop from the sky on the wedding day, be it issues with vendors, issues with wardrobe, or issues with people, they should be resolving problems before you even know about them!

3. They allow family and friends to enjoy the day

This is your wedding day, you don’t want your mom and grandma to be working so much they can’t enjoy it! You’ll probably have family and friends in from out of town – let them enjoy the party without stressing out with the details of preparing and throwing it! You don’t want your maid of honor to be on the phone with one of the vendors instead of spending time helping you into your dress or posing for bridal party pictures with you. Let the coordinator handle all that. Just enjoy the day with your most important people!

4. They help your photographer focus on their job

This one is a bit selfish, but hear us out. If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, your photographer will be the one moving the day along. We already have enough to do, we take several thousands of pictures before, during, and after a wedding, and we have to be all over the place. Please, for our sake (and for the sake of better pictures) please hire a wedding coordinator so that we can do our job better.

We hope these prep tips from a couple of wedding photographers help! And while we’re talking about it – we would love to help capture your big day for you! Contact us if you’re still in need of a wedding photographer! And if you’re now on the search for a wedding coordinator, check out these resources:
Dana Renae Designs
Eleventh Hour Weddings LLC

And as always,
Happy Planning!
Nicole & Ryan

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