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A post describing the benefits of an all-in-one wedding venue in Ohio!

A wedding venue in Ohio can have many moving parts when you’re trying to plan your big day. There are many things you can do to cut down on the stress of planning your wedding, like hiring a good wedding coordinator, as well as hiring wedding photographers who know what they’re doing! With some prep work, it doesn’t have to be difficult! 

Another straightforward way to avoid some planning pressures: plan the wedding at an all-in-one wedding venue in Ohio, where the pictures, ceremony, and reception all happen at the same place! Here are a few reasons you may want to consider it:

An All-in-One Wedding Venue in Ohio Cuts Down Travel Time and Saves Money

Booking an all-in-one venue gives brides the one thing it can be hard to manage on their wedding day: time. Having one place for all the events and festivities simplifies your timeline for the day! Not only that, but with the extra time you aren’t traveling between locations, you have more to spend on getting the best photos without feeling rushed! Less potential chaos and more fun and memories look like a win to us! 

Besides saving time, having an all-in-one wedding venue in Ohio for everything saves you money! Weddings can cost a pretty penny, and while it’s so worth it to say “I Do” to the person you love most in the world, it’s still a consideration. So save yourself a headache on the budget, pay for one place to say your vows, and party afterward! 

Allows Transfer of Décor from the Ceremony to the Reception

Reception halls can be challenging to decorate. So save yourself some time and money (sound familiar?) by using some of the décor from the ceremony in the reception. With just one venue for everything, transferring flowers, seating, tables, and other things is a breeze!

For example: you have an outdoor wedding and most of the seats you need for the reception are set up for the ceremony. Get a few friends or hire some helpers to move what you want into the reception hall! This advice can also cut down on decoration burnout and the cost of renting enough seating and tables for everyone.

It’s Just More Convenient for Everyone

Along with all the reasons we gave, we’ll include one more: having an all-in-one venue is more convenient! Without traveling between places, the bridal party can be all in one place for pictures with no time lag for traffic or red lights. 

Your guests would say the same thing! If the reception is twenty minutes from the place for the ceremony, you may have some grumpy, hungry people on your hands, and that’s no way to spend your special day! So for you, your bridal party, and your guests, consider an all-in-one wedding venue!

We hope these tips help you think about what will be right for you and your spouse-to-be! If you need some photographers to capture the expression of your love on your wedding day at your all-in-one wedding venue in Ohio, please contact us! And as always:

Happy Planning!
Nicole & Ryan

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