A couple smiling in front of a roller coaster during their engagement session. Follow these tips for engagement photography.

Personalize Your Engagement Session | Engagement Photography Tips

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A couple smiling in front of a roller coaster during their engagement session. Follow these tips for engagement photography.

So, you’ve popped the question, and of course the answer was yes! That’s a big step, and you want to make sure that the photos of you and your new fiancé are unique and special. We can help! Here are a few tips from two engagement photography veterans to make your engagement session unique and personal:

1. Choose a meaningful location

Every couple has a spot or two that means something to them. Our advice? Choose one of those for your engagement photos! It could be the spot where you first met, or the spot you first kissed, or maybe just the place where you had ice cream together for the first time! It doesn’t matter where it is, as long as it’s special and meaningful to you and your significant other. If you have a favorite place to go on dates, that would be a good pick!

2. Plan an activity together

Let us explain this one. Planning an activity for part of the session will give the opportunity for more active pictures. Snapping photos of you and your lover smiling and doing something together in one of your favorite places can really give life to the photos and capture some of the love you feel towards each other!

This tip can also help if you’re uncomfortable with having your picture taken normally. Posing can be difficult for someone camera shy, but if you’re doing an activity with your fiancé then you won’t have time to think about the photos! It also gives us as photographers the chance to get some candid pictures; they’re very personal and make for great memories in albums or to hang on your walls!

3. Think about what you love to do

Let’s be honest, there are some things that you like, and some things that you hate. If you hate the outdoors then don’t plan your engagement session in a park! If you hate high places, don’t plan it on a rooftop terrace! All that to say, think about what you love to do and do it! We want you to feel comfortable and have a good time capturing some great memories with your soon-to-be spouse. That great time would be ruined being in a place, or doing an activity one of you hates!

4. Choose outfits you’re comfortable in

We can’t stress this enough! Please don’t pick outfits for your engagement session just off of what’s popular or what’s “expected”. The photos will look way better if you’re both comfortable and happy with what you’re wearing! If your fiancé hates button-ups or ties, don’t make them wear one because they’ll be miserable, and that doesn’t make for good photos! Same for the other side as well, if you hate high heels, or long dresses, don’t wear them! Just wear something you’re comfortable in. We promise, what shines through in the photos is the love you have for each other, not your wardrobe!

We hope these engagement photography tips help you plan for your engagement session! We’d love to capture this season for you, just reach out to us!

Happy Planning!

Nicole & Ryan

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