Alexis + Ben


Soccer and Love.  That is what this late September engagement session as all about for Alexis and Ben.  We met them at Glenwood Gardens on a warm fall afternoon.  Glenwood Gardens is a local Cincinnati park and one we had never visited.  However, it is a favorite hiking spot for them and their dogs.  The space was beautiful but to be honest, a little crowed as it was such a beautiful day.  Although it was a little crowed, Alexis and Ben did not allow that to bother them and were amazing in front of the camera!Alexis and Ben were no strangers to us.  We have met them before from a previous couple, Johnny and Kelly.  They all play soccer together and are one big “Soccer Family.”  Included in their family was also another engaged couple we worked with this year, Hannah and Kevin.    Alexis and Ben, just as Hannah and Kevin, were gifted their engagement session for a longtime friend of Nicole’s.

Their love story reminded us of a Hallmark movie.  A successful beautiful woman dates the handsome nice guy, but life takes her away from him.  She meets the “not such a nice guy” and soon realizes who is her true love; the nice guy she had all along.  So, the beautiful woman and nice guy end up back together!  Every Hallmark love story ever and honestly, we adore it!

Yes, they may have a Hallmark movie love story, but they didn’t have the “Hallmark” movie relationship.  Throughout the session, Ben would jokingly say he was getting all of Alexis’ affection for the week.  It was refreshing to meet another woman who is not the “overly” affectionate person.  Nicole is the same way.  However, we you could easily see how much in love they are.   It was evident through our time together with all the funny faces, goofy antics, big smiles and of course, laughter.

  Oh… and who doesn’t love a dress with pockets!

These two only had a few simple request… to capture the Pokeball Ben used to propose and a soccer ball.  Each item strongly describes their personalities and their love story.

During their session… they played a “friendly” game of soccer… to which Ben had the obvious advantage (no heels).

Alexis and Ben, you two were so much fun to work with and we’re thankful we had this opportunity.  Your wedding day in June is going to be beautiful as your love story.  We know you will make each other happy, as your love for one another is abundant!  Enjoy these last few months of this season of life.  Marriage changes everything but in an amazing way!

Have a Great Day,

Nicole & Ryan

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