Brenda + Nick | Spring Lifestyle Cincinnati Engagement Session 


Spring is a very unpredictable season here in Cincinnati. Some days are cold and wet whereas other days the weather is PERFECT with glowy sunsets. Brenda and Nick lucked out with a stunning spring evening for their lifestyle engagement session starting at Eden Park. We enjoyed the warmer weather and glowy sun during golden hour before making our way to downtown for they opted to enjoy some wine while baking a cookie cake together! 

Imagine going out for a fun night with friends, and one of those friends pairs you up with a random guy found, also just hanging out that night.  Your friend comments, you’re going to work and 5 years later, you’re engaged.  That is exactly how Brenda and Nick’s love story started. 

Now, while this sounds like the perfect start to a relationship, their first date did not go as well as planned. While most guys would have ghosted their date, Brenda won Nick over with some beer and a cookie cake with a simple message “I’m Sorry.” However, according to Nick, he still would have given Brenda a second chance without the cookie cake, but the gesture simply won him over.  

During their relationship, Brenda would joke with Nick that when the time is right, he would have a jeweler connection through his mother.  One day, Nick and his mother went to lunch without inviting Brenda.  She became a little suspect about why they went to lunch without her and why neither would chat about their mother/son date.  Not to mention, it happened to be at a restaurant in downtown Cincinnati (which is where the jeweler was located). 

While vacationing in Charleston, SC, Nick and Brenda went to the beach a couple days before Christmas.  Which happened to also be Nick’s birthday.  The day was very windy and cold, so these two love birds were the only ones on the beach.  Being the only souls on the beach this day, Nick asked Brenda to become his wife. Spoiler alert… she said Yes!!! 

Now… Brenda’s suspicion about the downtown lunch meeting between Nick and his mother was right.  However, this did not deter her excitement for this special moment.  Plus, the fact the beach was empty made the moment even more romantic and intimate between these two.  

Chatting with Brenda, she explained how she had no idea what kind of engagement ring she would want.  However, the ring Nick chose was perfect and anything she could have ever wanted.  Nick definitely nailed it! 

To make their engagement session fully theirs, Brenda and Nick decided to incorporate some of their fave memories together: hanging out at home and a cookie cake! Note: Normally Nick is no where near the kitchen when Brenda is cooking or baking, but this was a special occasion, so she made an exception.

Brenda and Nick, thanks for allowing us to capture your super fun lifestyle engagement session.  We loved how lowkey you two are and how you wanted to capture that feeling in your photos.  Just remember, wedding planning goes quick but be sure to allow time to savor all the small moments in this once in a lifetime experience. 

Happy Planning, 

Nicole + Ryan 

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