Emily + Ryan | Spring Grove Cemetery Cincinnati Engagement


Spring is slowly making its self-known here in Cincinnati with the trees starting to bloom, the up and down weather, and beautiful flowers starting to bloom. The city is filled with many beautiful parks, but there is one hidden gem in the area. Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum is a popular spot for photo sessions due to the beautiful landscape, unique structures, and the peaceful nature. 

We know most may not think a cemetery will be a great spot to capture an engagement session, but we beg the differ! There are so many spots to stop along the way, that do not have gravestones in view. Emily had her senior photos and was so in love with the beautiful space, she felt it would be perfect to celebrate her future with Ryan. The location offered them the best of both worlds… wonderful architecture for Ryan, and trees and flowers for Emily.  

College is a time of transitioning from being a teenager to a young adult.  These are the years in your life when you are learning who you are and what your future will look like. Not to mention, you are exposed to so many new people which is why it’s no surprise Emily and Ryan were lucky enough to find the person to create a future with while at college.  

One evening, while at Applebee’s for a Fraternity/Sorority friends’ dinner near the campus of Northern Kentucky University, Emily and Ryan decided to sing a duet together for karaoke night.  While they were hanging out, these two were trying to put their matchmaking skills to work by trying to play matchmakers with their friends.  However, after 2 months hanging out, these two matchmakers ended up deciding their fate was to become match themselves. 

After 3 years together, Emily and Ryan knew their next step was marriage.  Being super excited for this next step, Emily was convinced by her friends and Ryan the proposal wouldn’t happen anytime until after the start of the new year. 

On a cold day this past December, Ryan took Emily back to Smale Park in downtown Cincinnati where they had their official first date.  While there, Ryan completely surprised Emily by asking her to marry him as their parents were hiding in the bushes watching.  She cried at the wonderful, unexpected moment. 

If you learn anything about wedding planning, you know things do not go as planned.  During the proposal, Emily’s initial reaction was missed, so Ryan proposed a second time.  Once again, Emily cried.  Spoiler alert… Emily said yes (twice)!!!! 

Emily and Ryan, thank you for allowing us to capture your engagement photos.  It was a blast getting to hang out and make some magic happen.  You’re going to make for one handsome couple next summer for your wedding day.  Our hope is wedding planning goes smoothly and stress free!   

Happy Planning, 

Nicole + Ryan 

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