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Just a few short days ago, we posted our 2019 Favorite Engagement Photos!  Now before you can have engagement photos… you’ll need to get engaged first!  In 2019 we have the pleasure of capturing 4 surprise proposals around Downtown Cincinnati and Covington Kentucky!

The best part of proposals for us is how each and every one is completely different.  Every couple will interact differently, and each person’s responses is uniquely theirs.  We’ve seen everything from tears of joys to expressions of complete shock. However, there is always one thing every couple has in common.  After the initial surprise of the proposal has happened… both people will sport smiles that extends ear to ear! 

Our proposal’s started in the earlier part of March, when it was still a bit chilly outside.  Ryan decided Ali was the one and he wanted to make things official!  He had done a little research online and he loved the idea of the Cincinnati Skyline in the background.   After initially meeting at Newport on the Levee and deciding there was a better spot to capture his vision, we ended up at the George Rogers Clark Park in Covington, KY.

The day was a bit chilly, but Ali arrived in style by Ryan’s friends as her chauffeur and sporting an adorable outfit.  Ryan was waiting at the park with red roses and a beautiful sunset for his soon to be fiancé.   During our time there, we had a few unruly bystanders.  Let’s just say the geese were not happy campers we invaded their space.  All and all, things work out great after (our) Ryan and the Geese had a spat!  Ali and Ryan left this chilly spot to head to an engagement party planned for them at the Turn Vintage Warehouse!

Fast forward a few weeks, our next groom to be, Eric, had contacted us the day before he was planning on proposing to his beautiful girlfriend Jill.  Normally, we have a tab bit more time to prepare and meet with the groom to be at the location he was choosing.  Even though things didn’t follow our normal workflow, Eric and Jill’s proposal was absolutely perfect! 

One of the most romantic things we have ever seen during a proposal was once Jill fully comprehended what was happening, she got down on both knees to be equal with Eric.  Even though we were at Smale Riverfront Park near the Ohio River, a very public place full of people, you could just tell the world around them has disappeared.  It was their moment and their world. 

Now our next couple may be familiar faces for you if you scoped out our Engagement Faves…. because these two were in the mix!  Hannah and Kyle were no strangers to us or our cameras.  So when Kyle asked us he to capture his surprise proposal to Hannah, we knew we had our work cut out for us!  Normally our biggest advantage is the bride to be doesn’t know who we are… this was definitely NOT the case with Hannah.

Because Hannah knew who we were, we had to find a location that allowed us to be able to hide and in the same breath still be able to easily see the couple.  So, back to Downtown Cincinnati we headed… this time, we were by the Skystar Farris Wheel on The Banks.  (Believe it or not, it’s super close to Smale Riverfront Park).

We are proud to share, mission was accomplished!  Hannah had no clue we were there until after she said Yes!!!  Her reaction was completely different than Jill’s.  Honestly, we think during the first 10 minutes, all she kept saying was “Oh my God, oh my God, are you serious?”  followed by the next 10 minutes just staring at her stunning ring!  To say she was shocked and happy will be an understatement!

For the last surprise proposal of 2019, we headed back across the Ohio River to Smoke Justis in Covington Kentucky.  Nolan had reached out to us after we captured his friends Ryan and Ali’s proposal earlier in the spring (please see above)! 

Nolan wanted to go out of his way to make things a bit more unique and special for his soon to be wife, Tori.  Not only did he set up for us to capture it, but he asked his friend to play guitar and sing a song.  Oh no, he didn’t stop there, after photos where done, he led her back to Smoke Justis where all of their closest friends and family waiting to celebrate in the downstairs!  During the actual proposal, Tori was so stunned it took her a few moments to actually be able to answer yes!  What she thought was just a last night out for the summer was the first night of being engaged. 

Thanks so much for all of these amazing grooms to be for trusting us on capturing on the most stressful but exciting events of your life.  We love getting to see those first few moments… as there is nothing but pure happiness and joy radiating from everyone!  Now… we’re excited to see Hannah & Kyle this fall for their wedding!  We wish Jill/Eric and Tori/Nolan the best!  And last but not least, congrats to Ryan/Ali who tied the knot in late 2019!!!!

Have a Great Day!

Nicole & Ryan

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