Joanie + Patrick | Covington Kentucky City Engagement Session


The weather was a bit chilly as the temperatures began to drop in the small city of Covington Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati. As such, there was limited hustle and bustle around the city on the cool Sunday afternoon. The late winter, almost spring day, did not stop Joanie and Patrick from wanting to spend the evening snuggling up together for warmth at their first every professional photos (which just so happened to be their engagement photos).

The city of Covington has played a special part of their relationship. They were neighbors and Joanie’s baby pug, Leonard, walked out the backdoor and ran up to the big dog Ollie to check him out. Freaking out, Joanie started screaming because she was afraid Ollie would eat her baby Leonard. However, Patrick knew his boy Ollie wouldn’t hurt the little guy, came over to calm her down. It was a simple misunderstanding. Ollie is a rhodesian ridgeback and his tuffs are naturally up and this helped ease Joanie’s mind.

Joanie was trying to get Leonard back indoors but this new neighbor kept chatting her up. While talking, Patrick asked if she would like to hang out sometime and since she was running late to work, Joanie had agreed.

To ensure this “date” would happen, Patrick left a note on her backdoor asking her out to the dog park sometime. Not one to use the backdoor often, it took her a week to find the note he left. These two took their fur kids to the dog park and hit it off so well, they’ve spend the last 6 years together.

Patrick knew Joanie was his soulmate and wanted to seal the deal. These two had conversations regarding marriage and had even looked at rings, specifically the trillion cut. A few weeks after picking out a ring together, Patrick ordered it but held onto it for over a year as he knew she wanted to finish school.

They planned a last minute trip to Florida to visit Patrick’s buddy and his girlfriend. During the day, they had a wonderful day together exploring and seeing a glass art demo for an artist Joanie loves. The finish off the day, the four of them headed ot the beach for sunset photos as a group. Their beach trip included champagne and blankets.

Patrick suggested they get individual photos of each couple. They grabbed a cute hoto together and Patrick suggested they do another photo, to which Joanie replied “what are we going to do?”

His response was “I’m going to propose.” Getting down on one knee, Patrick asked Joanie if she will marry him…. Spoiler alert… She said yes! Joanie stated she was completely surprised and had no idea he was going to propose but was happy he did!

Joanie and Patrick, thank you for allowing us to be yoru first professional photographers! You two were so much fun to work with and we absolutely adored your love for your city. Not to mention, we’re grateful to have met the fur kid, Ollie! Your fall wedding is going to be absolutely adorable from the vision you’ve planted ino ur heads and cannot wait to see all the hard work come to life! Enjoy the season of wedding planning, your big day will be here before you know it!

Happy Planning,

Nicole + Ryan

Off the Film Photography is a Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky based husband and wife engagement photography team for the fun couple who loves to laugh. Our mission is to ensure you forget there is a camera present and create core memory of pure joy with the love of your life! Still need some playful and fun engagement photos, send us a quick message to get started!

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