Golden hour engagement photo at Piatt Park in downtown Cincinnati of couple hugging each other from the side

Noel + Tony | Downtown Cincinnati Engagement Session


When someone comes into your life, you never know the effect they will have on it. What may start as just friends hanging out then turns into wanting them a part of your life for it’s entirety. Noel and Tony’s relationship did just this. This is the very reason we got to hang out with them for their downtown Cincinnati engagement session a few months back.

Golden hour engagement photo at Piatt Park in downtown Cincinnati of couple hugging each other from the side

Tony worked with Noel’s brother, so there were times they would just be a the same social situations. Not to mention, they each have a son who knew each other since toddler-hood with only being a month apart made it simple for these two to have common ground to build a friendship. Eventually, their friendship created a “thing” as they bonded over the Marvel universe.

As their friendship grew, so did their feelings for one another, thus moving them from friends to a couple. The topic of getting engaged and married was on the table, but Noel and Tony were not in a huge rush for the next step as they were just enjoying this phase of life.

They chose their first large family vacation to Disneyland in California to see the Avengers Campus. While they vacation, Tony knew it was time and asked Noel for her hand in marriage. Spoiler alert she said Yes and just like that they were engaged! Not only did they get to visit the Avengers Campus, but they had a new thing… planning a wedding.

Romantic city engagement photos in downtown Cincinnati of an older couple
Engaged couple of a man and woman sitting on a park bench at sunset cuddled into each other in downtown cincinnati
Engagement ring sitting on pink flower paired next two an engaged couple hugging on the streets of downtown Cincinnati
Tattooed blond woman being kissed on the forehead by her fiancé in downtown Cincinnati
Engaged couple kissing in the walkway of downtown Cincinnati for engagement photo
Downtown cincinnati engagement photos of an older couple with tattoos having fun next to a distressed wall
Close up of an engaged couple hugging in city engagement session
engaged couple holding hands looking at each other as they walk down an alley in downtown Cincinnati during their engagement photos
Black and white close up image of a diamond ring sitting on a stone wall

When we met Noel and Tony for their downtown Cincinnati engagement session, it was the first time we met them in person. We had chatted on the phone, but there is something completely different when you actual meet someone. While we knew they were a great couple, we had no clue how much we would enjoy our time with them.

These two were easy going, up for anything, and just wanted to have a great time. Noel and Tony were willing to just trust us as we ventured around a few blocks finding great spots. This made our job beyond easy. Not to mention they absolutely nailed it during their engagement photos.

Man kissing woman's forehead as she holds onto his suite jacket at Piatt Park in Downtown Cincinnati at sunset
Golden hour photo of engaged couple running through light tunnels at Piatte Park in downtown cincinnati paired next to a black and white close up of a tattooed woman holding onto her fiance's neck as he kisses her on the nose for a romantic engagement photo
tattooed Engaged couple in downtown Cincinnati hugging each other in front of historic building in downtown Cincinnati
close up Black and white photos of two hands holding each other highlighting the engagement ring
Engaged couple looking at each other as they cross the street in front of a historic house in downtown cincinnati
Tattooed engaged woman holidng the side of her fiance's face with her ring hand paired next to an engaged couple standing in front of historic building in downtown Cincinnati

Noel and Tony, thank you for allowing us to take these amazing engagement photos of the two of you while walking around downtown. You two were absolute blast to hang out with. We loved how much fun and easy going you were. This makes us extremely excited to meet your family and capture your big day in June at the The View Event Center in Northern Kentucky!

Happy Planning,

Nicole + Ryan

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