Bridal detail photo as part of wedding album photography.

Prepping Your Wedding Details For Photos

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Bridal detail photo as part of wedding album photography.

Wedding details, your shoes, rings – even the wedding invites, can make wonderful memories for you! Getting these details ready for your photographer is an important part of wedding prep. It’s also an important part of weddings in general! So how should you prep your wedding details before the wedding?

Box Up Those Wedding Details

The first step is easy, get something to put them into! We’re totally serious, get a box, bag, any container to keep them all in one place. Packing a container saves you the strain of carrying a bunch of small things, and it keeps them all in one place so you aren’t likely to forget anything! We should mention though, keep your dress separate, as well as the engagement ring, those will be added later! If you aren’t sure of what all to include when packing, ask your photographers! Make sure your box, bag, or what-have-you is all packed up pre-wedding day for your wedding detail photos. Less stress that way!

Clean Your Jewelry

The second step of preparing your wedding details is vital: make sure that you get all jewelry cleaned before the wedding day! When you look at your wedding album someday in the future, you want to see the sparkle of the stone set in your engagement ring! You don’t want to see a mark or spot to distract from those little details! So ensure that any necklaces, earrings, and especially rings that you expect to wear as part of your bridal ensemble, are sparkly clean for your bridal detail pictures.

Finalize and Gather Your Wedding Details

Complete the third step before your photographers arrive. Steam your dress and veil to remove any wrinkles from the transport to the venue, make it as vibrant as possible! Make sure that the flower delivery has arrived, so that the bouquets, boutonnières and other florals can be a part of the photos. Get all three rings (engagement, and the two wedding bands) together so that we don’t have to go looking for them. Simple stuff, really!

With all these things done we can capture some truly radiant, and beautiful photos of your wedding details. All the little things that go into making your wedding day unique and that help you be the most beautiful bride ever! We hope this advice about prepping your wedding details, was helpful!

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