Ryan helping as the second photographer for a wedding--wedding photography advice from two wedding photographers.

4 Questions to Ask a Photographer | Wedding Photography Advice

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Ryan helping as the second photographer for a wedding--wedding photography advice from two wedding photographers.

Here’s some friendly advice for your wedding photography: choosing the right photographer can make or break the wedding day proceedings! Think we don’t play such a vital role? Well, what about the wedding album you get afterwards? If you don’t vibe with the photographers taking the pictures for it, you may not get the memories you most want to keep! And your photographer is with you for almost every second of the wedding – don’t you want to make sure you get along well before spending one of the most important days of your life with them? The point is, choose wisely when hiring a wedding photographer. Here are four questions you can ask them to see if they’re a good fit:

1. What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

Asking this question can give you some insight on where the photographer’s priorities are when taking pictures. It will also help you know if that photographer aligns with what you find most important to capture during the big day. You want your photographers to be in a place where they thrive taking pictures. Trust us, you’ll get the best pictures that way! If one of your photographers’ favorite things is the first look, then assign that photographer to that part of the wedding day. When your photographers love what they’re capturing, you’ll see that love reflected in their work!

2. How involved are you with the timeline planning?

Some photographers will give advice or input when it comes to the timeline of the wedding day. Some just go with the flow. Find out which one works best for you! If you have a strict schedule and an on-task wedding planner, you may want a more laid back photographer. If your planner is more flexible, you may want a photographer who is willing to give advice on what to do with any extra time. An example could be that your photographers could do more pictures ahead of time. That kind of thing gives you and your spouse more time at the reception! The point is to avoid adding extra stress to the day! Choose photographers who fit in with the type of timeline you’re trying to keep on the wedding day.

3. Will you and the second photographer split up?

This question is a kind of probe for you. The answer to this question will tell you if the photographer you want to hire will have two full-on pros, or just one pro and an assistant. What’s the difference you ask? An assistant can be where the photographer can’t at the time, but may not have the style and skill level of the photographer themselves. Two full photographers will have their own equipment, and skills to use wherever they’re assigned on the wedding day. If you’re hiring two full photographers, you can trust them to capture different aspects of the day. You’ll get two different perspectives on major events, and often find your favorite photos among the work from both of them!

4. Do you edit the photos yourself?

This will let you know if the photos you see online actually represent what you’ll get post-wedding day. Editing is just like snapping the photos themselves, everyone has a unique style! If someone else is editing the photos you may not see the same product delivered to you as what you saw looking at the photographer’s blog! This isn’t to knock other photographers, it’s just a question to get more info. Knowledge is power as they say, especially when hiring someone for a job! When a photographer edits the photos themselves you’ll likely be able to see their unique touch on each photo. Finding photographers whose final photos match the vibe you want for your precious memories is vital!

All that to say, ask questions, get the answers, and finding the right people for the job becomes much easier! We hope this advice on wedding photography is helpful! It comes from two professionals, and we love to help couples capture their love on the wedding day!

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