What to Do If You Get a Rainy Wedding Day

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bride and groom leaning against a white building protecting themselves from the rain with a clear umbrella  while smiling at each other on their rainy wedding day

Rainy days are often some of the most beautiful and relaxing – unless you’re at a wedding! So what should you do when your wedding day becomes a little overcast? Let us photographers give you some advice on what to do if you get a rainy wedding day!

Photographers Know What To Do

Don’t fret yourself too much if grey skies come on your big day! We know how to deal with weather changes, and photographers as a breed know how to find great spots to take pictures, in spite of the rain! As a rule, having at least one good covered spot, a porch, a beautiful foyer, or a pavilion or gazebo make great spots for rainy wedding day photos! If the sky starts raining on your parade, we can outsmart it by finding a spot to get you some gorgeous pictures under a roof!

Get Some Umbrellas

If rain is a possibility, it’s a good idea to invest in some clear umbrellas! These can be used for going from indoors to outdoors and vice versa. We can also use clear umbrellas to get some fantastic photos with that surreal grey-skied backdrop! Just as long as it isn’t raining too hard! If there’s a torrential downpour, that might put a damper on any outdoor photography, unless there’s a covered area like we discussed above!

Embrace The Rainy Wedding Day

And, don’t be afraid to embrace the weather! If you’re looking out at the rain and say “screw it, let’s get wet,” then we’ll go out and play in the rain with you! Honestly, having a bride and groom who are playful and chill enough to do things like that can make our job as photographers a blast! Just be sure not to get your expensive wedding outfits too dirty, rain brings mud after all.

So if your wedding day becomes a rainy wedding day instead, we hope you can follow our advice and get some great photos and capture some amazing memories. In spite of, (or even because of), the change in weather!

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Happy Planning!
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