Kate + Brandon | Cox Arboretum Snow Engagement Photos


White snow glistened the ground as the wind blew a cold chill in the air. The weather in the Dayton Ohio area is constantly changing. Once moment we’re enjoying the hints of spring time while the next day we’re facing frigid temperatures. Yet, this snow did not stop these love birds enjoy their winter engagement session.

Mother nature brought us a small snow shower Friday evening, the day before Kate and Brandon’s engagement session. This was the second time the weather was throwing a wrench into our plans. After confirming they’re willingness to brave the cold, white wonderland and a plethora of phone calls to Cox Arboretum to confirm if they finally opened for the day, we met up with our sweet couple.

Kate and Brandon’s connection began when they met through band prep while in collage at the University of Dayton. They’re relationship was not one of “love at first sight” but one of a slow evolution. Starting out as friends till one day, a couple years later, they realized (at about the same time) they had feelings for one another.

After college, they navigated a long distance relationship. Brandon was a Dayton native but Kate was from Chicago, working in Boston and spending time in St. Louis. While visiting her in Boston, Brandon asked Kate to visit the small town of Rockport with him.

Imagine spending the day hiking and then enjoying lunch before heading down to the rocky beach. That is exactly what these two did. While on the beach, Brandon asked Kate to marry him. Spoiler alter, but Kate say yes!! In the mix of all the excitement, Brandon dropped the ring box in a small pool of water. All they could do is watched it floated away. Don’t worry, the ring was already placed on Kate’s hand, so only the ring box was lost.

During our time trekking around the park in the snow for their winter engagement session, one of the things we noticed was how much fun these two have just being with one another. Everything from big smiles to sneak attacking some extra tickles. The wind at times was wicked and went straight through to the bones, hanging out with Kate and Brandon made us forget about it (most of the time) as we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. Not to mention, the amazing photos we created for them made it all worth it.

Kate and Brandon, we are beyond excited to have been able to capture some amazing now photos with a such an awesome couple. Your willingness to brave the cold winter snow, especially without coats, showed us the dedication you have to one another. Crazy to think we get to hang out again in just a few months at your wedding day at the beautiful Newport Aquarium. Based on how much fun we had at your engagement session, we know your big day will be amazing.

Happy Planning,

Nicole & Ryan

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