A groom preparing for his wedding day following our advice!

3 Best Pieces Of Advice For Grooms Preparing For Their Wedding

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A groom preparing for his wedding day following our advice!

Many of the tips that we give couples for their wedding days focus on the bride and what she can do to make her special day less stressful, and more memorable. Sometimes, the grooms need a little love as well! So here is some advice for grooms out there to make sure that you and your beautiful bride are both glowing when you say “I Do”!

Know Yourself – Do You Sweat?

The first piece of advice for grooms isn’t a pleasant topic and may even be somewhat embarrassing. But it still needs to be addressed. Dudes sweat! We all sweat of course, but when guys sweat it can get messy. Your wedding day should have you looking your best, so prepare for the inevitable!

Wear an undershirt if you know you sweat a lot. This cuts down on what can soak through to the more delicate parts of your wardrobe, such as your suit jacket or if you’re wearing a light-colored shirt. Bring some backup undershirts and maybe even a backup button down if you think it’s necessary. Between pictures and the ceremony, especially in the summer or in an outdoor venue, you need to be prepared to look your best for your bride and guests!

Prepare Your Accessories and Outfit

The second piece of advice for grooms: Accessories aren’t just for your future spouse, you have to think about them too! If you have a boutonniere, get some help to pin it on correctly, or consider using one with a magnet to avoid pins entirely.

We also suggest practicing tying your tie or bow tie, as well as folding your pocket square before the wedding day. You may need to get ready quickly for pictures the day of, so you need to be ready to suit up and show up! This especially applies if you want to use a different tie knot than the standard one. Learn the knot beforehand, and you’ll save yourself and your bride some stress!

Make sure that all of your clothes, ties, squares – everything – is pressed or steamed before the wedding day! Wrinkles are the enemy of wedding pictures, so do you and your bride a favor and properly care for, and prepare the clothes you’ll be wearing for pictures and at the altar!

This one is important guys, when heading out for photos, leave behind the non-essentials! We get it, you all have big pockets, but you don’t need your wallet and keys for your wedding pictures! So leave those in the dressing room, or wherever you need to, and proudly stand next to your bride-to-be without any phone-shaped pocket outlines!

The Best Advice For Grooms – Get Some Rest

We can’t stress this advice for grooms enough: get proper rest before the wedding day! Bachelor parties are great, but please don’t party too hard, your bride will not appreciate it. Coming to the wedding tired, bedraggled, and maybe even hungover is the worst way to start your new life together, so please, for all our sakes: know when to stop the party and go home and sleep!

We promise you, being well-rested will make the day so much better! You won’t be fighting sleep during any downtime, and your mood will be way better prepared to deal with any problems that may pop up. It’s better for everyone, so sleep well, and come to your wedding bright, happy, and ready to take the step on the new journey you’re embarking on called marriage! 

We hope these tips help prepare all you grooms for a great wedding day! If you need someone to capture your love at the wedding, please contact us for more info!

Happy Planning!
Nicole & Ryan

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